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Abortion clinic

Abortion Clinic

It is estimated that up to third of UK women will visit an abortion clinic before the age of 45. Having such a procedure is a big step and those involved are encouraged to really think things over before deciding to go through with it. It is generally advised that women considering the move should have some counselling before and after the procedure.

What services does an abortion clinic offer?

It may surprise people to find that most abortion clinics will offer a range of services and not just termination of pregnancy. Some will offer things like sterilisation or testing for sexually transmitted diseases. You will also find that almost all of them will have some type of counselling service for those who are thinking about terminating a pregnancy.

The Law and abortions in the UK

An abortion in the UK needs to occur before the woman has reached 24 weeks pregnant and there needs to be two doctors who concur that the procedure should go ahead. Legally the woman should have a good reason as to why she should have an abortion; although the law is often left to the interpretation of doctors working in the abortion clinic. The reasons for a termination should be one of the following;
  • There is a likelihood that the child will be born with severe mental or physical disabilities.
  • The termination is needed in order to protect the motherís physical or mental well being.
  • The termination is needed because it would be too dangerous for the womanís health to go through with the pregnancy.
  • Having the child would negatively impact the mental or physical health of existing children in the family.
In rarer circumstances there may be an abortion allowed after 24 weeks but only if the motherís health is under extreme threat or if the child would be born with severe disabilities. Anyone wishing to have this procedure will be expected to convince two doctors. These medical professionals are unlikely to give their consent if the woman appears in any way unsure or confused about anything. It is vital that the decision is a decisive one in order to lower the chance of regret later.

How does it cost to be treated at an abortion clinic?

It is possible to get a free abortion on the NHS, but this usually takes at least two weeks to arrange. Many women choose to go to private abortion clinics because things can be done a lot more quickly and it is generally easier to get doctors here to give their consent to the procedure. There is also the option of charity abortion clinics for those who canít wait on the NHS and canít afford to pay for private treatment.

Some Final Thoughts on choosing an Abortion Clinic

The most important thing when it comes to choosing an abortion clinic is the availability of support before and after the procedure. Many women might prefer to just get things over and done with as little fuss as possible, but a chat with an understanding professional can make a huge difference.

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Abortion clinic

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