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Abortion clinic

Abortion Clinics in Birmingham

If you are searching for abortion clinics in Birmingham then you might have many questions. Not only will you want to know about where to go for advice but you probably also want to know what it involves and what options you have. This is a huge choice to make and you may want to know about how and where to get advice. You may also be wondering about the costs of abortion clinics in Birmingham.

What Procedures are performed in Abortion Clinics in Birmingham?

There are number of different procedures that abortion clinics in Birmingham might use to end your pregnancy before it results in the birth of a baby. The choice of which procedure is best will be based on a number of factors and one of the most important of these will be the amount of time that has already passed with your pregnancy. If you are still early term (which means less than ten week pregnant) it will likely be decided that the best approach is a medical abortion. Here you will the clinic twice with each visit being separated by forty eight hours. During the first visit you will be given a medication that will affect the hormones in your body and stop the foetus from developing. When you come for your second visit you will be given another medication which will cause you to miscarriage the baby by making the womb uninhabitable.

Abortion clinics in Birmingham might also feel that a surgical option is best and this could involve one of two possible procedures. The most common uses a suctioning device to remove the embryo from inside the womb while the other procedure inserts instruments into womb to remove the foetus; this later method involves the women needing a general anaesthetic. It is also possible that a procedure involving medicine and surgery could be advised.

The Costs of Abortion Clinics in Birmingham

In Birmingham you have the choice between private and public clinics. The public clinics are provided by the NHS and this is a free service. The problem with the NHS is that there can be a delay of up to two weeks before they are able to carry out the procedure. This is one of the reasons that many women choose private abortion clinics in Birmingham. Not only can they perform the procedure with far less waiting time than the NHS but it is generally felt that they offer a less stressful service.

Are abortion clinics in Birmingham Dangerous?

Like all other medical and surgical procedures there are risks involved with having an abortion. In some parts of the world abortions have high mortality rates, but in the UK it is relatively safe. There may well be side effects though and the medical professional providing the treatment will be expected to provide you with all the information about the risks involved. It is important that you are fully informed before choosing any abortion clinics in Birmingham to lower the chance of later regrets or problems.

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Abortion clinic

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