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Abortion clinic

Abortion Clinics in the UK

There are many options when it comes to choosing abortion clinics in the UK. These can be public or private but all will need to meet certain standards in order to be licensed. Later we will go into questions as to which abortion clinics in the UK you should choose but we will begin by mentioning things to consider before approaching any clinic. No matter where you do choose to have the procedure you will be offered advice and information but it is probably best to do a lot of thinking before this.

What to consider before approaching abortion clinics in the UK

Finding out that you are pregnant can come as a huge shock and there can be easy to be pushed into a decision before you have had time to think things through. Choosing an abortion without giving it proper consideration could mean that you regret it for years to come. Donít allow other people to push you too much one way or the other; this has to be your decision as you have to live with the consequences. Of course this does not mean that you should ignore the opinions of the other people involves like your parents or partner, but at the end of the day it is your body we are talking about here. The final decision has to come from you and the more well thought out the decision has been the less likely you will be to regret it.

Types of Abortion Clinics in the UK

The NHS offers a free abortion service that does its best to make things easy for the woman. These days there is an emphasis on providing this service in a non-judgmental manner and those involved can appreciate what a difficult and stressful situation it can be for everyone involved. The NHS offers a top rate free abortion service but there is a huge demand on the service and health professionals tend to be overworked and sometimes unable to devote as much time to individual cases as they might like. It is for this reason that many women choose private abortion clinics in the UK. There can be a long wait for an abortion in the NHS but a private clinic can perform the procedure with short notice with less fuss.

The Law and Abortion Clinics in the UK

All abortion clinics in the UK are subject to laws in regards to this procedure and only licensed clinics are permitted to perform them. Except in rare circumstances an abortion needs to be carried out before 24 weeks and two doctors have to agree that the termination has a justifiable reason. The law states basically that an abortion is only acceptable if there is a risk to the womanís mental or physical health or that he baby is likely to have severe mental or physical abnormalities. Any woman who wants to get assistance from abortion clinics in the UK will need to convince the two doctors that her case warrants it.

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Abortion clinic

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