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Abortion Facts

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy before it leads to the birth of a baby you will need to find out some abortion facts. This decision is not something to be taken lightly as it could later be something that you regret. As well as considering all your options it is important that you learn some abortion facts before proceeding any further. Almost all abortion clinics will be able to provide plenty of information but it is important that you have fully thought things through before getting this far.

Abortion facts: who can have an abortion?

In the UK it is legal to have an abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. It is only legal though for those women who have a good reason for doing so. In order for an abortion to be given the go ahead it is necessary for two doctors to agree that it is needed and it has to take place in a licensed clinic. In order for the termination to be considered warranted it will need to meet at least one of the following requirements;
  • The women would be putting her health in danger if she were to continue with the pregnancy.
  • The women would be putting her mental or physical health at risk if she had the baby.
  • Having the baby would negatively affect the mental or physical health of her existing children.
  • There is likelihood that the child would have severe mental or physical disabilities
If the woman meets the above criteria then she will need to convince the doctors that this really is what she wants. It would be very unethical for a doctor to proceed with an abortion if the women did not seem 100% certain.

Abortion Facts: how is the pregnancy terminated?

A pregnancy can be terminated using medical or surgical procedures; or sometimes a mixture of both. A medical termination involves taking medication that will cause the woman to miscarry the baby. A surgical termination can involve using a suctioning device or scrapping the inside of the uterus. The method of termination of a pregnancy is determined by a number of factors; including how long the woman has been pregnant.

Abortion Facts: is the procedure dangerous?

Many abortions are performed each year in the UK but there are risks associated with the different procedures. In rare instances women have died as a result of complications following an abortion but this is very rare. Other complications can involve infection, damage to other organs in the body, or possible infertility. It is important that any woman thinking of having an abortion is aware of the risks. Another risk following an abortion is that he woman might go through a period of depression or guilt which could lead to more serious mental health problems again this is fairly rare.

Having a termination of pregnancy is a big step so it really is important to have as many abortion facts available as possible. That way you can make a more informed decision that you are less likely to regret.

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Abortion clinic

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