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In the UK there are up to two hundred thousand women choosing to end their pregnancy before the birth of a baby each year. This can be a very emotive topic and there is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue. Having good information is important because without it is hard to make an informed choice. Here are some Abortion FAQs

Abortion FAQs: what is an abortion and is it legal?

An abortion refers to the act of using artificial means as a way to end a pregnancy before it leads to the birth of a baby. An early term abortion occurs before ten weeks into pregnancy while a late stage abortion occurs after twenty weeks. There are many people who would consider an early term abortion preferable over a late term one for ethical as well as the medical risks involved. Some people are generally pro-life can feel a lot of discomfort around the idea of late term abortions.

In the UK it is legal to have an abortion up to twenty four weeks of pregnancy provided there is a good reason to justify it. Reasons that might justify an abortion can include a risk to the mother or the likelihood that the baby could be born with abnormalities. In order for an abortion to be approved there needs to be agreement from two doctors as to the necessity. The abortion then needs to be carried out in a licensed clinic by properly trained medical professionals.

Abortion FAQs: what are the different types of abortion?

There are a number of different types of abortion which can be broadly divided into medical and surgical abortions. Pregnancies less than nine weeks in duration will most often be treated using a medical approach. This involves taking two medicines which are spaced forty eight hours apart: the first medicine stops development by interfering with the woman’s hormones while the second medicine causes a miscarriage. Surgical options for abortion include using suction to remove the contents of the womb or inserting instruments into the uterus to remove the foetus while the women is under general anaesthetic. There are also other abortion procedures that involve a mix of medical and surgical treatments.

Abortion FAQs: are there risks associated with an abortion?

Just like other medical and surgical procedures there are risks associated with having an abortion. This is generally considered a safe procedure but there can be side effects and occasionally things do go wrong. It is not possible to predict who will suffer the more serious consequences of abortion which can include infection, infertility, blood loss, damage to body organs, or possibly death. The risks are relatively small but they are present.

Conclusions on Abortion FAQs

There are many other abortion FAQs that you will probably have if you are considering this procedure. Any clinic that offers such a service will have trained professionals who should be able to answer all your questions. This is a huge step so it is important that you have good information and advice.

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Abortion clinic

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