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Abortion Procedure

An abortion procedure is usually referred to as a termination by those in the medical profession. This is not something that anyone should enter into lightly and all other options should be considered before going ahead with the abortion procedure. This is not just because of the ethics surrounding termination but also because there are legal conditions that need to be met before an abortion is permissible in the UK.

What needs to be done before an abortion procedure can go ahead?

As we have mentioned above there are legal conditions that need to be complied with before an abortion can go ahead. It has to be done in a licensed facility and two doctors have to agree that the procedure is warranted. There are specific conditions by which these doctors need to decide if the termination is necessary and these involve at least one of the following; the woman would be putting her health in danger by continuing the pregnancy, having the baby would affect her mental of physical health, it would affect the mental or physical health of her existing children, or there is a high risk that the baby would be born with a severe mental or physical disability. Different doctors may interpret these conditions in slightly different ways. In the UK it is only legal to have an abortion before 24 weeks into the pregnancy except in rare situations.

In order for the abortion procedure to go ahead it is important that the woman is fully sure that this is what she needs. This certainty is not only important for her own sense of well-being but also because it will be difficult to get two doctors to agree to the procedure unless the woman is 100% sure. The reason for the termination cannot be a frivolous one and should meet one of the conditions mentioned above.

Where to have an abortion procedure?

There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing where to have an abortion procedure. The NHS can perform a pregnancy termination for free but it can take a couple of weeks to arrange for the procedure. You might also have less time in which to state your case for why an abortion is necessary; medical staff, in the NHS, only have a small amount of time to devote to each enquiry. Private abortion clinics are a good option for those who want to go ahead with the procedure without the need to wait. When you pay for a pregnancy termination you will also be likely to get a more personalised service; private clinics tend to have more time and resources.

Some final thoughts on the abortion procedure

The most important thing to say again is that an abortion procedure should never be something that a woman feels rushed into or does while having doubts. The more certain you are about the need for an abortion the less likely you will be to have deep regrets about it later. If you do decide that this is the only way then you will have many options about how to proceed.

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Abortion clinic

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