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Abortion Services

Abortion refers to the act of terminating a pregnancy before it leads to the birth of the baby. In the UK it is permissible to have a pregnancy termination under certain circumstances and so there are abortion services. Anybody who has decided that they have no choice but to end their pregnancy will need information about what abortion services are available and advice on how to choose which is best.

Abortion Services in the UK

In the UK there are three providers of abortion services; the NHS, the private sector, and some charity organisations. The NHS can provide a free termination service, but those waiting to have an abortion may need to wait a few weeks before they can get an appointment for the procedure. This is because the NHS is overstretched and has limited resources. Waiting for an abortion can difficult and this is why many women choose a private abortion services; these can not only perform the procedure swiftly but they also tend to offer a higher level of service. This is not meant as a criticism of the NHS who do a wonderful job considering the pressure the service is under. Some women donít have the money for a private abortion and in some cases they may be able to get assistance from one of the charitable programmes.

What do Abortion Services offer?

Many abortion clinics offer a full range of services including counselling and even testing for sexually transmitted diseases. When it comes to actual abortion services though, these can be broadly divided into two types; medical and surgical. A medical abortion involves the use of different drugs to bring about the end of the pregnancy by causing a miscarriage. A surgical abortion can involve a number of different procedures. A suction aspiration involves using a vacuum to remove a foetus or embryo while a dilation and curettage involves scrapping the inside of the uterus. The exact termination procedure that you will undergo will be determined by a number of factors such as how long since conception.

What you should know before Approaching Abortion Services

The decision to have an abortion is not a small thing and should never be treated as such. Not only are there huge ethical considerations but there are also risks associated with such a procedure; both physical and mental. For this reason it is vital that any women considering using abortion services will have fully considered all her options and is convinced that this is her only option. This will not be enough by itself though and any woman who wants an abortion will need to provide a justifiable reason and get the go ahead from two doctors. There are laws pertaining to what justifies a termination of pregnancy; the mental or physical health of the mother or her existing children should be at risk or there should be evidence that the baby would suffer from severe mental or physical problems if they were to be born. It is up to the doctors to then decide if the womanís circumstances meet the criteria.

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Abortion clinic

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