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Abortion Side Effects

A termination of a pregnancy is a medical procedure that can involve abortion side effects and risks. There is no real way to predict which women will have side-effects and who is more likely to suffer a severe health effect due to the procedure. This is why it is important that the medical team make very clear the potential abortion side effects and risks. You will also need to know what to look for post-procedure and what to do if things seem to becoming threatening to your health. Anyone having a termination must follow the instructions given by their doctor for the post-abortion stage fully or risk serious consequences. One of the most serious risks with an abortion is death; although this is quite rare.

What are the abortion side effects and risks?

As we mentioned above every woman is different and they will experience side effects differently. Some will not really notice anything while others can have it quite bad. Here are some of the more common abortion side effects;
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Some spotting or even bleeding
  • Pain or cramps in the abdomen
  • Diarrhoea
There are also abortion side effects that are much rarer but these are a risk and you should be aware of them;
  • Other organs in the body become damaged
  • Infection
  • A perforation to the uterus
  • Scared uterine lining
  • Heavy bleeding that wonít stop
  • A damaged cervix
Abortion side effects can occur any time up to a month following the procedure and it is important to be observant for any changes to the body. If have any of the more serious abortion side effects then it is important that you get help as soon as possible.

Another possible side effect following an abortion is something referred to as post-abortion syndrome. This does not occur to all women but some do go through a period of feeling very down or possibly even depressed. This period usually only lasts for a while, but if things get really bad the woman is encouraged to get professional help; this is especially important if she becomes in any way suicidal.

Why you Need to Know about Abortion Side effects?

In order to make an informed choice it is important that you have as much information as possible. Many people have abortions without anything untoward happening but you are taking a risk with such a procedure. You could be one of those who suffer serious side effects and it could seriously affect your health, your ability to have children in the future, or even cost you your life. You donít need to know these things so as to scare you but just so that you can fully understand what you are getting into. Any doctor who failed to discuss these possible side effects would not be doing their duty. As you can see the decision to have an abortion is not without risk and these should be understood before consenting to the have a termination.

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