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Early Abortion

An early abortion occurs when a pregnancy is terminated before there has been a chance for too much development. Any termination that occurs less than ten weeks into the pregnancy is considered an early abortion. In the UK there are a number of options when it comes to early abortion; you may have a medical abortion or possibly a surgical abortion.

The Different Types of Early Abortion

If you are less than nine weeks pregnant then you will probably have a medical abortion; this involve taking two different medications with a 2 day gap in between. The effect of these medicines is that they bring on a miscarriage and the pregnancy will be terminated in much the same way as a normal miscarriage. The first medicine you take interferes with your hormones and the second medication makes the womb less viable for the progression of pregnancy. After the second medication you will likely experience some bleeding and there may even be some pain involved; you might also have other side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Early abortions more than seven weeks into the pregnancy can also be performed using a surgical procedure called suction/vacuum aspiration. Here a device creates a vacuum and sucks the foetus out of the uterus. This procedure is relatively straight forward and can be carried out in less than ten minutes. Some women can experience some slight bleeding up to two weeks after the procedure. It is important that anyone considering this form of early abortion should follow the post- procedure instructions carefully.

Things to Consider before having an Early Abortion

There are usually some very good reasons as to why a woman decides she wants to terminate a pregnancy. The usual reason is that the pregnancy is unplanned and the woman feels that she just can’t cope. In the UK it is legal to have an abortion but there needs to be a justifiable reason as to why it is required; inconvenience would generally not be considered a good enough reason. The law states that a woman is justifiable to proceed with an abortion if;
  • Going ahead with the pregnancy could negatively impact here health
  • Having the baby would be damaging to her physical or mental well-being
  • Having the baby would be damaging to her children’s physical or mental well-being
  • The baby is likely to have severe mental or physical abnormalities
Any woman who believes she has a justifiable reason will then need to be given the go ahead by two doctors.

The final decision as to whether or not to have an early abortion will be left to the woman. It is her body after all. It is important though that all options are considered and that good advice has been sought; it is recommended that professional counselling be considered. Most abortion clinics will have trained staff members who can help the woman go through her options. Early abortion will probably never be an easy decision but it is preferable to late abortions which come with increased risk of complications.

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Abortion clinic

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