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Late Term Abortion

A late term abortion is any termination that occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In the UK it is estimated that up to three thousand late term abortions are performed every year. It is legal in the UK to have an abortion up until 24 weeks of pregnancy; although occasionally it is permissible to have a late term abortion beyond this time if there is a real need. The whole subject of late term abortion is very controversial and even many of those who are pro-choice feel uncomfortable with the idea.

Why do women choose a late term abortion?

In many of these instances it will be that the woman will have found that continuing the pregnancy would put her health at risk. Other times it may be that the woman has found out that the foetus she is carrying is likely to have mental or physical disabilities. It could also be that the woman was late realising that she couldnít go through with the pregnancy and is now desperate to end it; maybe her relationship has just fallen apart and she doesnít believe she could now cope with a baby. A frequent reason for a late term abortion is that a young woman has been hiding the information from her parents out of fear but now decides to confront the issue. A late term abortion is not something that should be entered into lightly and all other option should be considered before going through with this.

Why is a late term abortion such a serious issue?

After 20 weeks a foetus will be far more fully developed and so the implications of ending the pregnancy have even more ethical implications. Some countries do not permit abortions after 12 weeks and only the UK and Singapore allow the up to 24 weeks. Many medical professional will have an ethical objection to late term abortion and doctors are going to be less likely to give their consent. No abortion should ever be chosen lightly and this is especially true with a later term abortion.

Advice for those Considering a Late Term Abortion

There may be good reasons why a woman might feel that she requires a late term abortion. It is important to fully explore all the options before taking such a move. You donít want to waste any more time, but it is also vital not to rush into anything. An abortion is a big decision that can have many future implications; choosing to go through with it could lead to a lot of regret if you are not 100% certain.

Some Final Thoughts on Late Term Abortion

There are many reasons as to why a woman might end up wanting a late term abortion, but this should never be a decision that is taken lightly. Anyone considering such a move needs to get good advice and fully way up all their options first. They need to do this without wasting any more time; many abortion clinics will be able to offer professional advice.

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