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NHS Abortion

In the UK it is possible for women to get a free NHS abortion. This procedure is viewed as a last resort and certain conditions need to be met if any women are to be allowed an NHS abortion. These conditions are set in law; although there is some leeway as to how doctors interpret them. An abortion is a procedure whereby medical professionals prevent a pregnancy from leading to a birth of a baby. In most circumstances it is only legal to have an abortion before pregnancy has passed its 24th week.

The Law and the NHS Abortion

Legally all abortions in the UK can only occur in a licensed facility and two doctors must agree that the procedure is necessary. There are different reasons that are seen as reasonable grounds for a termination and these include;
  • It would be dangerous for the womanís health if she were to go through with the pregnancy.
  • It would affect her mental or physical health if she were to have a baby.
  • There is evidence that the child is likely to have severe mental or physical disabilities
  • Having the baby could adversely affect the mental or physical well-being of other children in the household.
There can be different interpretations as to the exact meaning of these conditions and this is why it can be difficult to convince two physicians unless you feel sure about the procedure. If a doctor senses that you are unsure or hesitant then it will be difficult to get them to agree to the procedure. This is not because they want to be awkward but because this is such a big step that should not be taken lightly.

Is an NHS Abortion the only choice?

Although the NHS abortion is free it can also take time to organise. The NHS is overstretched and will likely have less time to explain your case to the medical professionals in order to gain their permission for the procedure. For this reason many people will choose a private abortion clinic. Here there things can be organised more quickly and doctors may have more time to listen to dig into the reasons as to why you might need this abortion. The private clinics might also have more resources such as councillors who can help you consider your choices and support you with whatever you decide. The medical and nursing staff employed in the NHS do a great job but they just donít always have the same time and resources as those in the private sector. For those who would find it hard to pay for a private abortion clinic there are also some charity clinics who may be able to provide a termination more quickly than the NHS.

Should you choose an NHS abortion or a Private Clinic?

This is not such an easy question to answer. If you want the procedure to be conducted as soon as possible then you might be best choosing a private clinic. No matter what you choose though, the really important thing is that you are sure about it.

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Abortion clinic

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