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Post Abortion

A termination of a pregnancy is a serious procedure and it is important that you follow post abortion instructions carefully. These instructions will be given to you by your doctor and they will tell you what to do in the event of anything untoward occurring over the next few days. As well as there being things to look out for post abortion, you may also have many confusing feelings and emotions. It can a difficult time and it is important that you talk about things.

Dealing with emotions and negative thoughts post abortion

It can be a very difficult time for a woman post abortion and there may be feelings of guilt or a lowering of self-worth. It is important that these emotions and negative thoughts aren’t allowed to fester because they could easily lead to depression or other negative states. Even though you may have felt certain that the abortion was the only option you had there is still a chance that you could have to deal with these negative emotions. It can be a hard time, but you can get through it if you are prepared to get the help that is available. These negative feelings and emotions following a termination is sometimes referred to as post-abortion syndrome; although there is controversy surrounding this term as it is often used by pro-life advocates to further their cause.

What Help is there for post-abortion Syndrome?

The most important thing with negative feelings and emotions is that you don’t allow them to make you feel isolated and alone. This is a real risk because when people feel bad a usual response is to withdraw from the world. This can be a bad move post abortion because if you are left alone with these negative thoughts they might begin to become a much bigger problem than they need to be. It might sound like a cliché but it really is good to talk about things.

When you talk about your problems it can allow you to get a different perspective. When we are trapped in our own heads we can become like prisoners and our thoughts and emotions can be the jailers. Merely discussing things with others can help push the cell doors open. When you talk about things you may well find that things are nowhere near as bad as you might have thought.

A problem is that the reality of a termination of pregnancy can often only hit woman post abortion. Up until this time they have been too worried and overwhelmed to really take on board what has happened. After the termination it might seem that the problem is over but there might still be a lot of issues to deal with.

Sometimes problems post abortion can get so bad that professional help is required. This should never be something that you avoid doing if you need the help. Sometimes things can be too much for the best of us and there is no shame in getting a bit of support.

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