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Pregnancy Abortion

The decision to go through with a pregnancy abortion should never be something that is done hastily. Spending time to fully weigh up all your options can make it less likely that you will make a decision that you will later regret. Terminating a pregnancy is not a minor thing and this means that it really does deserve a lot of consideration. If you donít have a good reason for ending a pregnancy, or you donít appear certain of your decision, it will be difficult to get medical professionals to agree to help you. This is not because the medical profession wants to make your life difficult but because there are legal obligations surrounding pregnancy abortion.

What is the law surrounding pregnancy abortion?

In most cases it is only legal to have an abortion before 24 weeks into the pregnancy. In rare cases an abortion will be allowed after that time if there is a serious risk to the motherís health or the pregnancy would lead to a baby with severe disabilities. An abortion can only be performed in a licensed clinic and two doctors must agree that there is a reasonable need for the procedure. In order for a pregnancy to be considered warranted the woman will need to convince the doctors that at least one of these conditions apply;
  • Their health would be damaged if they were to continue the pregnancy.
  • Their mental or physical health would be negatively impacted if they were to have the baby.
  • Their existing children would be negatively impacted if they were to have the baby.
  • The baby is likely to be born with severe mental or physical problems
Any woman who is unsure about why they want to have a pregnancy abortion will find it difficult to convince the medical professionals. They have to be convinced that not only do you need the abortion but that you are determined to go through with it.

How to decide if pregnancy abortion is right for you

It is important that you get appropriate abortion advice and talk it through with somebody else. Sometimes just a little time discussing your options could be enough to make everything appear in a different light. The more certain you are of your need for an abortion the less likely you are to spend a lot of time regretting the decision. It is believed that a third of all women in the UK visit an abortion clinic before they reach the age of 45, and a significant percentage of these later regret the decision.

Where to go for your pregnancy abortion?

There are a few options for where to go for an abortion. It is possible to have one freely on the NHS but there can be long waiting times Ė two weeks or more. Many people choose to attend a private abortion clinic because they can perform the procedure on much shorter notice with possibly more care and attention Ė the NHS provides a great service but their resources are limited.

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Abortion clinic

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