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Termination of pregnancy is a very emotive subject for many people and anyone who makes their intentions to have one known is almost certain to receive pro life abortion advice. Peopleís views on abortion can be very deep seated and will likely be tied to their cultural and religious belief. There are some huge ethical questions surrounding the decision to end a pregnancy before the birth of a baby. Some people giving pro life abortion advice can come across as being quite hysterical but it would be wrong to dismiss their views altogether. Even those people who are pro-choice might not feel comfortable about abortion in all cases; in fact many will be opposed to late term abortions.

Why Pro Life Abortion Advice should be considered before going ahead with a Procedure

If you hold strong religious convictions or come from a cultural background that is very pro life then you really do need to take time to consider the arguments. If you do something now which is against your beliefs you might find it hard to reconcile it with yourself later. Having an abortion is a huge step and it is best to deal with any doubts now then after when it is too late. Considering pro life abortion advice does not mean that you have to follow it; just that you make it part of your overall thinking. Some people will never agree with a decision to terminate a pregnancy but most people will be more understanding if you really seemed to have thought everything through.

How to avoid pro life abortion advice becoming an argument

It is up to you who you talk to about your decision to have an abortion; you probably wonít want to make it common knowledge. Some people can react so badly to this topic that it might be best excluding them from this knowledge; especially if there is no need for them to know. It can be a lot harder when the person who is giving the pro life abortion advice is a close family member or even your partner. This type of event can completely destroy a relationship if both sides are in disagreement about how to proceed. The woman who is pregnant has to make the final choice but her decision can affect a lot of people. In these circumstances all that can be done is to be clear about your reasons and that you have considered all the options.

Dealing with pro life abortion advice that you didnít ask for

Occasionally people you donít really know or care about might get into a discussion with you about abortion. Maybe it slips out that you want to have or have had an abortion. Some people can be quite pushy when it comes to giving pro life abortion advice Ė in these cases it is probably best to just excuse yourself and walk away. Opinions are only really useful when you want them and unrequested opinions on your personal situation can be upsetting.

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Abortion clinic

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