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Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion is a procedure that leads to the termination of a pregnancy without the birth of a baby. It can be performed in a number of different ways depending on a number of factors. Like other types of procedure that involves going inside the body the surgical abortion can involve certain risks to the patient. As well as this form of abortion there is also a medical abortion which uses pharmaceuticals instead of surgery; both types of pregnancy termination are available in the UK.

What is a Surgical Abortion?

The most common procedure for terminating a pregnancy surgically is the suction aspiration; this tends to be the procedure of choice for pregnancies less than 12 weeks in duration. What happens here is a device is passed into the uterus and it uses suction created by a vacuum to remove the embryo or foetus along with the placenta.

The next most common form of surgical abortion is the dilation and curettage; this is favoured after 12 weeks. It involves using a curette to clean the walls of the uterus thus causing a termination of the pregnancy.

What are the risks with a Surgical Abortion?

Most women who have a surgical abortion in a licensed clinic will not have too many problems following a surgical abortion. There are risks though and in rare cases women have died following the procedure. The biggest risks following a surgical abortion include;
    - Infection - Damage to organs - A scarred uterus - A big loss of blood.
In most cases thought the side effects of a surgical abortion will be relatively minor and could include such things as;
    - Spotting/ slight bleeding - Nausea/vomiting - Some abdominal discomfort/cramps
It is almost impossible to predict who will have what side effects or who will develop serious complications. These are common procedures in the UK though and most occur without mishap. It is vital to follow the instructions of your surgeon following the procedure to help avoid problems and safely managed complications that do arise.

Some final thoughts on the Surgical Abortion

The surgical abortion is a something that is going to involve a few risks and anybody considering such a procedure should be sure that this is what they want. There needs to be a good reason as to why the abortion is needed and the surgeon is obliged not to proceed if they sense any doubt or hesitation. A surgical abortion can be performed within a short time of the decision to have it and the side effects will likely disappear within weeks but the consequences of a hasty abortion could be with the person forever. This is why it is important that there is no doubt, and any women having the procedure will have first needed to convince two doctors of her certainty and her need.

A surgical abortion is a procedure that is commonly performed in the UK. It is generally considered a safe procedure but her are real risks associated with it.

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